'Into Oblivion' presents a comprehensive scientific evaluation of each and every theory regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. While this book doesn't speculate about how and why the flight was lost, it scientifically interprets whatever little evidence is available at this time. An explanation of the scientific basis of the search techniques and methodology has also been provided in this book. 'Into Oblivion' therefore seeks not to sensationalize or speculate but only to inform and educate by sifting fact from fiction. 'Into Oblivion' is a must-read for all those intrigued by the sudden and yet unexplained disappearance of MH370.

This book does not tell you what happened to MH370. If you seek a book that explains what happened to the flight, then this is not the book for you. At the time of writing, there is insufficient evidence to arrive at any conclusion regarding what actually happened to MH370.

This book merely states the facts, without any speculation, and explains how they should be interpreted based on the available scientific and historical data.

The reason for writing this book is to state the facts, explain them and differentiate between what the facts represent scientifically and what amounts to conjecture. Then, based on the facts available draw some

scientific conclusions on the basis of which the many theories that abound in the media today can be evaluated and either considered plausible, subject to further evidence or rejected altogether.

Various technical terms that are being frequently used in relation to this incident, have also been explained. An explanation has also been given of the technology that is being used in the search along with some basic scientific data to help the reader understand the complexities involved in this operation.

The reason and focus of this book lies in truth; and where there is no truth known at this time, in scientific and data driven analysis of all possibilities. No speculation, no allegations and certainly, no favorite theory. Every theory out there is just as good as the other in the absence of any proof!

Lastly, if you're looking to read an emotional account of this tragedy, then this book is not for you. I have no interviews with any of victims' family members, because I believe that people need to be allowed to grieve in private. This book focuses on pure science and facts and on weighing (not counting) the evidence, exactly the way an Accident Investigator is expected to.


“While the true reason for what caused the disappearance of MH 370 will remain shrouded till its FDR and CVR are recovered, Sam Kohli provides a very lucid and step-by-step analysis of what could have caused the accident. He considers each scenario, and then lays down the reasons for why it could or could not be plausible, before drawing a logical conclusion to what possibly transpired. There is no sensationalism, no conspiracy theories, just an examination of facts and a very interesting hypothesis. I can't wait for the black boxes to be recovered to compare the findings with the author's excellent analysis.” 

“A very interesting book that provides an accurate summary of the events that occurred during the mysterious flight MH370. The author explains important concepts of physics, aviation and communication satellites in a very descriptive way which helps understanding facts from hypothesis created by people and media worldwide. The book shows how much the tabloids and TV news distorted the events for their TRPs and sales. As the title says this tragedy should never be forgotten. This book is like a ‘Garden in The Pocket’!” 

“‘Into Oblivion’ is a well written, educational and informative book regarding the disappearance of #MH370. It addresses the facts and sequence of events, explains the technical terms and then gives a methodical overview of the many theories that are swirling around the mystery. ‘Into Oblivion’ is a thought provoking yet respectful book and highly recommended!” 

“Capt. Kohli has excellent insight into the facts of what happened to MH370. The book uses factual information of previous accidents to propose theories on what may have happened. The book is well researched and very clear about what is known about the flight and what the airline was wrong in stating at the beginning of the investigation. A must read if you want to know more about MH370.”