Waiting...To Happen!

The Tragedy of Air India Express Flight IX812

Winner of the prestigious Cecil A. Brownlow Publication Award for 2014, awarded by the Flight Safety Foundation, for significant contribution by journalists to aviation safety awareness, this is a true story. 

¡Esperando...Que Suceda!

La Tragedia de Air India Express Vuelo IX812

'iEsperando...Que Suceda!' Es la historia real de una investigación independiente sobre las causas que llevaron al accidente de Air India Express Vuelo IX812, que resultó en la pérdida de 158 vidas.

Into Oblivion

Understanding MH370

'Into Oblivion' presents a comprehensive scientific evaluation of each and every theory regarding the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 without speculating about how and why the flight was lost.

I, Human

Understanding the Man - Man Interface

'I, Human' is a book for every human. The book explains how we think, how we choose, what influences our choices and decisions and how this impacts on our relationships, behaviour and ultimately, our errors.


The mobile app to prevent accidents!

Do you want to prevent an accident? PFRAT is the mobile app to help you evaluate risks involved in any activity and prevent errors, costly mistakes and accidents! This app will change the way you operate your business and help prevent costly losses due to human errors.