Download PFRAT, the mobile app to prevent accidents!

Now available for both Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Do you want to prevent accidents? An analysis of most human error accidents shows that they were avoidable if only the risks involved had been adequately evaluated. Most humans understand individual risks, but very few are able to understand the cumulative effect when several risk factors are present simultaneously. While there are several Risk Assessment tools available, they are all based on MS Excel or similar applications and require a computer to complete them. However, there are very few pilots and aviation sector workers, who can use their computers in the field, on airport platforms or heliports, especially in general aviation, airport operations and helicopter operations. Even if they have a laptop, they are often limited by space, Internet connectivity or other such limitations.

The Erring Human® now presents an innovative solution: This application, called PFRAT (Personal Flight Risk Assessment Tool) will allow any aviation worker to carry out a risk assessment (RA), without an internet connection, on their mobile phone, in less than 10 minutes, and receive an evaluation of how the cumulative effect of risk factors is likely to impact the flight. The RA will be saved locally and emailed to the registered user when the device connects to a Wi-Fi network or other mobile network. The fixed wing risk assessment used in this application is as recommended by the FAA in AC 120-92 and InFO 07015. For helicopters, RA is as recommended by the Helicopter Association International (HAI). Each RA has 35 questions in 5 categories. Premium users can customize these questions and categories to the specific risks based on the type of operation or a company risk register.

The application has additional features to publish the RA in the social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google Plus and also send a copy by email to other company officials, such as Director of Operations, etc. At this time, there is no risk assessment application that provides these additional features.

This is a fully user customizable app. The users have the option to hide any, or all, of the pre-loaded questions and to replace them with their own questions specific to their type of operation or company hazard/risk register. Even the trigger values at which the users are displayed a Green, Amber or Red light, and the messages associated with it, can be user customized. 

After all, ICAO defines safety as ‘... a continuous process of Hazard Identification and Risk Mitigation’.